Metabolic acidosis may lead to impaired physical function4,6,18,19

Lower serum bicarbonate levels are associated with reduced lower extremity physical function22

  • Data from the NHANES III study showed that serum bicarbonate below 23 mEq/L was associated with low gait speed and quadricep strength after multivariable adjustment22
  • In addition to limiting one’s activities of daily living, worsening lower extremity function has been shown to be strongly predictive of subsequent risk of mortality among patients with CKD23,24

Correcting metabolic acidosis in CKD improves muscle mass and physical function9,10,25-28

Managing metabolic acidosis may limit loss of bone mineral density18,21,29-32

Correction of metabolic acidosis in CKD patients has beneficial effects on nutritional parameters9,25,27,36-38

Hear from a Patient

Sharon,* patient with CKD:

*Opinions reflected in the above patient video are that of the patient. CKD is complex and patient symptoms may vary.

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Abramowitz MK (2014):
Acid-base balance and physical function